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Welcome to Dark Prophecy! 

We're a social/leveling guild with no commitments to PvP or raiding. Be respectful to fellow guild members and no foul language in guild chat please. Any troublemakers will be removed without warning.
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WrecklessMEDIC, Aug 11, 15 12:09 AM.
We have returned to SWTOR!! Things are lookin good. A lot of changes and a lot of re-learning the game that's for sure. Lovin the new 12x XP buff for subscribers! :)


WrecklessMEDIC, Aug 28, 12 11:55 AM.
For anyone that hasn't heard already we are returning to WoW in preparation for the release of MoP. I have been working on a few new characters and will be rebuilding the Horde guild on the Vashj server this week. A lot of former members are returning with us and if anyone else is interested just leave a message in the ShoutBox and I'll be sure to keep in contact.

As a side note, this is not the end of the SWTOR guild and I'm only taking a break from it for a few months or so while it's being restructured. I have every intention of returning to SWTOR again... someday. Hope to see the rest of you in WoW. :)

Maverick - GM of DARK PROPHECY

SWTOR going Free to Play

Invisible, Jul 31, 12 3:46 PM.
The Old Republic is going free to play and introducing a new form of currency for subscribers check out these articles Cartel Coins and Rewards.

Lost Island Achievement

WrecklessMEDIC, Jul 22, 12 3:49 AM.
Grats to Solonius, Invisible, Angel, & myself (Lascivious) for finally completing a guild run of Lost Island (Regular). Next stop will be the Hard Mode version. :D


WrecklessMEDIC, Jul 20, 12 8:25 PM.
Due to continued interest in starting a Republic guild on The Bastion, I restarted <DARK PROPHECY STRIKES BACK> from it's original home of Black Vulkars. If anyone is interested in joining us there you can message myself or Angel for an invite. This guild will be much smaller until we see what happens with server transfers and extra character slots coming soon.

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The Bastion
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Population: Light
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